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Protect as an employer

Take care of your total workforce, their families and their business-of-one with clear, useful, appropriate and personalised insurance and benefits packages.

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Protect your flexible workforce

A secure, healthy and productive flexible workforce is good for the independent worker, for your clients, and ultimately for your business.

Protect your brand reputation

A resilient and productive flexible talent pool is good for your business, enhancing your client experience and brand value whilst reducing the 'butterfly effects' caused by churn.

Protect your future business

Quality, loyal and productive flexible workers are good for your bottom line and future-proofing your business.

Protect as an independent

We know the peaks and pitfalls of working for yourself. Portabl has been created for people like you, by people like you so you can own your future.

New Contents

New Contents

Call off the search

Time spent on researching insurance is time you should be working and earning. We’ve sourced and reviewed the benefits and perks people like us need – so you don’t have to.

Take control

It’s your right to control your own financial security, and health and wellbeing. Choose what you want, when you need it – and switch it off when you don’t.

Own your past and future

Unlike the corporate world, you can take your benefits with you wherever you go – even if that’s back to salaried employment – carried in your smartphone.

Income Protection

Bottom line is, as independent workers, we don’t get paid if we can’t work. Income Protection can give you a regular monthly benefit if you’re ill or injured for the longer term, so you can pay your bills until you’re back on your feet.

Life insurance

Being self-employed when you have a family is a huge responsibility – especially if they’re dependent on your earnings. Life insurance gives you peace of mind by protecting the people you care about with a cash sum if you die.

Critical Illness cover

There are a host of conditions or accidents capable of causing seismic change to our daily lives, with little respect for how old or fit we are. Critical Illness cover can pay out a cash sum – to spend how you want – if you’re diagnosed with, or have a medical procedure for, one of the specified critical illnesses.

Private health insurance

Getting medical appointments when we need them is challenging even at the best of times. Private health insurance can put you on the fast track to consultants and more –and pay for or towards your medical fees. Plus you get access to other benefits such as an online GP – 24/7 – and physiotherapy.

Legal expenses insurance and assistance

As rewarding as working for yourself can be, there are pitfalls. If there’s a dispute with a client, we can be beaten into submission by people who can boast more financial and legal muscle. Legal expenses insurance covers you against unexpected legal disputes, and gives you access to legal advice and expertise – online and by phone.

Protect your health, wealth, life and work

We know there are a hundred things at the front of the queue before insurance. So we’ve done the hard yards by choosing the products people like us need, at the best rates – thanks to our community clout. Protect the things that matter most to you and your lifestyle. And if things change – you can change too.

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