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Grow as an employer

Help your independent and flexible workers be great at what they do with ongoing support, wellbeing, learning and development opportunities, whilst growing your reputation as an employer of choice within the flexible workplace.

New Contents

New Contents

Growing your flexible worker

Enable your flexible workers to make the right career development, financial and lifestyle decisions to thrive in the flexible marketplace.

Growing your flexible workforce brand reputation

Portabl will help you seize opportunities while ensuring all workers are treated fairly and responsibly, irrespective of status. Meeting the long-term demands of society, regulators and shareholders.

Growing your business of the future

We provide agile businesses the opportunity to benefit from, and meet, the demands of a rapidly changing, fast-growing market in a sustainable way.

Grow as an independent

The old employee benefits model is broken. There’s a new future – and you’re it. Portabl allows you to elevate your health, wealth, work and life.

New Contents

New Contents

Sleep well

Rest easy knowing you (and your family) have the right protection in place, the flexibility to change and the back-up of a community of people just like you.

With you in mind

Because we've been there, we know standing still isn't an option. Everything we do is designed to elevate your health, wealth, work and life.

Fix the future

Being part of our community means you'll have unrestrained access to the support you need with the freedom, autonomy and agency of the truly independent.

Personal and professional learning & development

Enhance your personal or professional skills with access to hundreds of high-quality courses from top learning providers – anytime, anywhere. From business and management, to technology, to health, to creative arts and media, there’s something to boost your business – and you.

Mental health and wellbeing support

9 to 5 doesn’t always exist for people like us. So knowing where to go if you’re feeling pressured or stressed can make all the difference to our mental health and wellbeing. Tap in to the support built-in to some of our Protect products, or become a better you with lifestyle plans, articles and videos.

Physical fitness

When we feel the sting of a deadline, it’s our run, gym visit, or exercise classes that often make way. Our on-demand fitness videos include deskercise, yoga, pilates, mobility and full body workouts to suit you and your day.

High Street savings and perks

Maximise your spending power with thousands of offers from top brands, such as Nike and Apple. Save money on electronics and technology, eating out and restaurants, clothing and fashion, office and home, and sport and leisure.