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Connect with people like you. Portabl gives you all the pros of the workplace community, without the workplace hassle.

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New Contents

Join forces

Get in touch with independent workers across the globe. Share advice and expertise to create mutual opportunities – or just catch up on what’s trending today.

Fair play

People like us can unfairly miss out on the resources, tools, support and protection our employed peers routinely enjoy. We're rewriting the rules.

People power

Our ever-growing community gives us the clout to offer benefits and perks to independent workers - and level the playing field.

The power of community with the freedom of independence

We’re building the world’s best platform for today's growing, free and independent workforce. Connect with like-minded people across the world and enjoy the benefits provided by the power of membership, while keeping your independence.

New Contents

Stay connected

Self-employment can sometimes be isolating. But stepping out on your own doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Our community forum connects you with people like you across the world, so you can network, and share experiences and expertise.

Portabl protection

If you’ve ever been a permanent employee, you’ll know when we move on – our benefits and perks don’t. Our membership gives us the power to provide the missing safety net of employer-style benefits. Best of all, you can take them with you, and adapt them to match your evolving career and lifestyle.

Support for families

To help you spread a security blanket around the people you care for most, some of our products and wellbeing services are already available to, or can be extended to include, your immediate family.

Portabl blog

As independent workers, we face challenges unique to our lifestyle and our business. Check out our blog post for insights, articles and useful links to tools and resources to elevate your health, wealth, work and life.


There’s plenty more to come from us as our community and platform evolves. Our regular newsletters will keep you up to date with all the latest developments, new products, services and savings, plus the topics relevant to you and your business.

Your Portabl

Saying our members are part of the Portabl community isn’t lip service. It’s hard-wired into our DNA. Help create our future by letting us know which products, services, and invaluable perks you’d like to see available to help us all thrive.