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Why us?

Portabl are 100% focussed on helping you serve and support your flexible and independent workforce - so that everyone benefits. Our team have 100+ years of industry experience across employee benefits, HR, tech, insurance and financial services.Combined with direct and personal experience as independent workers, this makes us global specialists in the independent, freelance and gig workforce. We understand the pain points and have designed a system to fix things for the benefit of all. We call this the 'Portabl effect'.


Our approach

Portabl have been there and done that. Take confidence knowing you’re working with capable people passionate about delivering great service and support to your flexible workforce. Leave it all to us or get as involved as you like. Either way, our system is designed to be as simple and clean as possible and is ready to plug and play. We take our work seriously but we like to have fun along the way.


The Portabl effect

By connecting, protecting and growing your flexible workforce we’re creating a happier, healthier and more productive workforce that's beneficial to your business, to your clients and to the individual and their family.